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Healthy Eating To Promote Strong Teeth In Children

Posted on 10/15/2023 by Team at Frank Dunlap
Close-up of teeth with a gap at Frank Dunlap, DDSWhen it comes to your children's dental health, the foundation starts with what they eat. A balanced diet fuels their growth and plays a crucial role in ensuring strong teeth.

Talk to our dentist to ensure you know what to feed your child. Remember, not all healthy foods are healthy for the teeth. Here are the key components of a tooth-friendly diet:

Fruits And Vegetables

These colorful and crunchy bites are not just good for overall health. They are also great for your teeth.

Apples and carrots are examples of foods that function naturally as toothbrushes. They encourage saliva production and aid in cleaning out food particles. These snacks are good for your teeth and for your health because saliva is nature's defense against acid attacks on tooth enamel. Remember not to give your child hard foods so the teeth do not break or become loose.


Protein-rich diets are necessary for the growth of muscles and improve oral health. When coupled with calcium, phosphorus in protein helps create and maintain strong tooth enamel.

Lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs, and plant-based protein sources like beans are all great choices. Ensure that you ask our dentist for suitable proteins for your children.

Calcium-rich Products

Calcium is a superstar mineral when it comes to teeth and bones. It's a key player in maintaining strong tooth enamel.

The most common examples of foods with calcium are milk and cheese. If your child prefers non-dairy options, fortified plant-based milk and foods like leafy greens can also provide this essential nutrient.

Also, our dentist will list the meals that are rich in calcium and the best for the children. Come to our office to ensure you know all the foods you can give your children and are best for their teeth.
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