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Dental chair and tools, with view of an x-ray at our Houston Dentist Office.Dental exams are a crucial component of preventative dentistry. These exams include cleaning of teeth as well as a checkup for cavities or gum disease. During the exam, the face, mouth, and neck are also checked for abnormalities through diagnostic procedures such as x-rays.

Moreover, at Frank Dunlap, DDS, you can expect a discussion about your oral hygiene habits and your diet with our professionals who might additionally give you a demonstration on how brushing and flossing can be done properly. You may also be briefed on changes in your lifestyle that would improve your oral health, as well as external enhancements to your teeth.

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Importance of Dental Checkups

We view the mouth as a gateway to the body and understand that oral health can affect the organs in our body. Therefore, we advise you to schedule these exams regularly; along with oral health, they also shield your overall health. For instance, the indications and symptoms of health problems like diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis might show up in the mouth first. Furthermore, the exam provides our team with an opportunity to give you tips on how you can care for your teeth and learn to discern oral diseases early - when they can easily be treated.

What to Expect from Your Exam

If you are a new patient, a brief initial exam will be conducted so that any obvious problems can be determined. Later, your teeth may be cleaned by one of our skilled professionals. If you feel pain or have other immediate problems, they will be addressed first, before the cleaning is done. The course and order of treatment, however, will be dependent on the condition of your dental health.

In the initial exam, you can expect our professionals to inspect your mouth, teeth, and tongue thoroughly. A set of dental x-rays may also be ordered if the need arises.

Dental Checkup Results

After the exam is done, our professionals will have a discussion with you about your oral health and the possibility of you acquiring gum disease and other oral health problems, as well as the risk of tooth decay. They will also brief you on preventive measures that you can take to avoid these issues and improve your dental health.

You will also be told when you can come back for a follow-up visit. If you are found to be highly vulnerable to tooth decay or other oral health problems, you will be recommended frequent checkups. Such findings may need to be treated, the process of which will be explained in a follow-up consultation appointment you will make with our professionals. In some cases, the treatment might be conducted by Houston dental specialists, depending on the level of care needed.

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Now that you know all about dental exams, you must also have realized just how important it is to schedule these regularly. If you do not treat your oral health problems in the early stages, they can be much harder and more expensive to treat later. Call our professionals at (346) 576-4411 and book an appointment with our team here at Frank Dunlap, DDS as soon as possible.

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