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Tooth Extraction Houston, TX

There are quite a few steps our dental experts have to take to preserve your oral health and hygiene. The process could include scaling, cleaning, or major tooth extractions.

If you are looking to get teeth extracted around Houston, contact our skilled professionals here at Frank Dunlap, DDS.

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Why We Get Tooth Extractions

People prefer getting their tooth pulled out for a number of reasons. One reason is pulling the teeth to prepare for Invisalign® or braces. This technique pulls one or several teeth to create a place suitable for fitting in retainers or other types of orthodontia.

Cancer surgeries like chemotherapy on the neck and head can also affect tooth health and can require tooth extraction. Moreover, any kind of decay or severe cavity can give you a good reason to get the damaged tooth extracted. A wisdom tooth can cause discomfort if it grows at an awkward angle inside the mouth, which would require an extraction.

Medical History

Tooth extractions are generally quite common and safe, but the procedure can easily let harmful bacteria enter the gumline and the entire mouth. This may make you susceptible to a number of other infections.

In case you have a condition that puts you at risk of getting a serious infection, our doctors might recommend you take antibiotics both before and after the extraction procedure. It is essential that you inform our doctor of your entire medical history, especially if you have an impaired immune system, congenital heart problems, damaged heart valves, or any history of bacterial endocarditis, as well as any medications or supplements you are taking on a doctor's orders.

Tooth Extraction Recovery Process

It does not take long to recover from a dental extraction - roughly a few days if you make sure to follow the instructions given by our experts.

If medications are prescribed, following dosage instructions is important to recover from post-extraction discomfort. The first 24 hours after the extraction are meant for rest only. Extra pillows will help you prop your head up while you are resting. Make sure you do not rinse vigorously before bedtime and only spit gently, so as not to disturb the area of the extraction.

The day after your procedure, be sure to stick to soft and easy-to-eat foods such as soups, smoothies, oatmeal, and yogurt. As you begin to heal over the next few days, you can slowly add other types of food back into your diet.

If you notice any signs of infection or experience prolonged pain in your gums or teeth, you should contact us immediately. Any signs of pus, discharge, an increased swelling of the gums, face, or jaw may indicate a problem. Throbbing pain, bleeding that lasts over a 24-hour period, as well as not being able to open your mouth may also be cause for concern and you should contact our professionals right away.

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If you're looking for a tooth extraction around Houston, visit Frank Dunlap, DDS today - we've been helping the community for years!
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